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This is a statement outlining how Sywell Aerodrome Ltd. (SAL) meets its obligations under the The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 ("the Stupid EU Cookie Law").

The Sywell Aerodrome website makes use of cookies primarily for analytical purposes such as anonymous tracking of numbers of visitors, which pages they visit, how long their visit takes, and so on. We consider having access to analytical information about our own website's traffic to be an essential part of our business. Therefore a number of cookies are set by our chosen analytics provider (Google Analytics). Some further cookies are set by the ShareThis service we use to enable visitors to easily share a page via various social networks or email.

While some websites have implemented annoying 'Do you want to let us use cookies?' pop-up questions, as your answer requires setting a cookie to record that choice, we consider this to be a pretty silly way of satisfying what is a pretty silly law. Accordingly, we assume from your continued use of our site that you consent to the use of the cookies described above.

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